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The Process

Do you have plans already? If not, start with a list of what you want to change.

Whether you have just bought a new home and want to bring it up to current design standards or want to update your home that you have had for decades,  developing the scope of work and specifications in order for us to be able to provide a budget requires you to participate in planning the work. Do you want to add space to your home?  Do you want to move some walls around? Get new beautiful windows and doors?  Change out the cabinets and flooring?  A full gut of the home or just a cosmetic touch up?  What about interior trim and exterior millwork? Do the water pipes and wiring need to be replaced? Is the existing HVAC system ok to stay (MEPs)? New plumbing fixtures, lights, and appliances? All these items need to be thought about.


Developing the scope of work and specifications is the most important activity. If you already have been working with an architect to develop plans for remodeling then send them to us to do an Initial Budget Proposal similar to what is described in New Home Construction. If you don't have plans already,  prepare a list of items you want to change and find inspiration pictures if there is a particular look you are going for.  The more you can get listed on paper with pictures the better our budgeting process will be. If the budget goes too high, then we can reduce the list based on your priorities. This is how the scope of work and specifications are developed. We can take measurements and apply unit rates to develop an initial budget for the list of items you have developed if you don't have plans. 


If there are structural changes being made to the home (space being added or walls being moved), we'll need to get a building permit.  Permits require architect and engineer plans.  Permits and engineer plans are a good thing as they get you inspections on the structural and MEP items to verify the work has been done according to local building codes and the engineer requirements. 


In order to develop a final budget, we will need to have trades and suppliers come to your house. We will obtain competitive firm price proposals to develop the final budget. We recommend performing remodel work on a Cost Plus Fixed Fee basis with a bonus for coming in below budget. There can be surprises when walls are opened up and decisions on finishes change during the remodel. We also recomend the homeowner to be out of the house during remodel work but that is not always practical. We'll work through that if necessary.